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Bring together the world’s most innovative educators and celebrate their impact on student learning.
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Connect with educators around the world. Share learning activities and tutorials and join the conversation in educator discussions led by educators.
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No matter where you are in your learning journey, Microsoft Educator Network is here to help with practical, interactive, and flexible professional development that works with your busy schedule.
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Innovative teaching does not rest with a single device, rather with the educator. Microsoft’s Innovative Educator Program recognizes and celebrates best practices around the world through the Microsoft Educator Network and Global Forum.
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See how other educators are increasing student engagement
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Specialized training programs for every level of expertise
Digital Literacy
Whether you are new to computing or have some experience, this curriculum will help you develop a fundamental understanding of computers and productivity software. The courses give you the essential computing skills to be more confident and productive at home and at school.
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Explore the Microsoft Digital Literacy curricula and courses available in your preferred language.
Teaching with Technology
Move beyond learning simple technology tools and develop a deeper understanding of how technology integration can enhance the teaching and learning experience, enable 21st century skill acquisition in students, and save you time.
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21st Century Learning Design
Once you have a foundation of digital literacy skills, you’re ready to utilize a research-based methodology to create and enhance lessons that elicit 21st Century Skills in students. Teachers who go through this process say it gives them a clear and practical way to integrate 21st Century Skills in their own teaching practices.
Peer Coaching
Every day, schools are asked to do more with less. Answering this challenge, peer coaching and ongoing mentorship are among the most impactful, effective, and affordable professional development tools for educators. They’re most effective when coming from a trusted source - other educators.
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“...it was a great opportunity to contact with the most innovative teachers in the world from different contexts... It was the Ultimate Learning Event!!” Rui Lima e Silva - Portugal A celebration of the world’s most innovative educators
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